Nick NW1—WooHoo!

NW1 Trial, Vista, CA

June 29, 2014Nick and I with our ribbons for NW1 title, 2nd in Containers and 1st Place Overall

Nick and I competed in our first K9 Nose Work® trial over the weekend. I am very pleased to report we earned the NW1 title with style.

The trial site was lovely, a beautiful large campground. There was plenty of room in the competitor parking area and it was adjacent to a huge grass field where we could walk our dogs. All the judges, officials and volunteers did a wonderful job and were very supportive of the competitors. There was a cute little lake next to the competitor parking which had turtles and egrets. Over by the Exterior/Interior search area there were goats, sheep and peacocks. From what I heard, the dogs did a great job working through the distractions. We also had nice walks to the search areas. The only bummer for the day, was my Fitbit battery died and didn’t record all my steps. Bet it would have been a nice high number—oh well.

Nick and I were assigned to Group A and did our Container search followed immediately by our Vehicle search. I was most concerned about Vehicles going into the trial and was pleased to find we would run that search early. I was even happier that we were able to run those searches in the morning after hearing about the less pleasant conditions with the heat in the afternoon.

We started with Containers. Nick knew his job and did it very efficiently. He wasted little time zeroing in on the correct box and clearly indicated it contained the odor. We exited the building and moved on to vehicles. Nick did a really nice job on the Vehicles and my earlier concern was alleviated as he did a lovely job sourcing and clearly indicated he had found the hide.

After the lunch break, we moved on to Exteriors and Interiors. Nick made really quick work locating the hide in Exteriors with another nice clear indication he had found the source. We then moved into the building for the Interiors. The windows were open and Nick chased the odor a bit before working out the puzzle and locating the hide, another lovely search. I couldn’t have been happier with how well he worked.

With success in all four elements we had earned our goal of a NW1 title. I was very pleased when our names were called for placements on the Exterior element and we earned 2nd place in that search. We also earned Pronounced on both Containers and Vehicles. Then the overall placements were awarded and we earned 1st place overall! I knew Nick did a really nice job and was very efficient, but I didn’t expect that. It was a very good day indeed! Four searches with a time of 1:24.78. Not too shabby!

I can hardly wait to enter a NW2 trial! But we are going to take our time. No reason to rush and I want to be sure we are just as prepared for the NW2 as we were for our NW1. We have been working on NW2 searches and it has been going really well. But we could use more experience, especially with distractors, clear rooms and remembering to call “Finish”!