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Ziggy, NW1

The day we found Ziggy at OEDCZiggy is the newest addition to our household. He is a little terrier mix and was about 12 weeks old when we found him.

He was hanging around outside the grounds at the Orange Empire Dog Club facility when I arrived for a nose work workshop. He just hung around outside the fence for several hours, but eventually he wandered inside while we were working dogs. Not really having any options, we called animal control and put him in a crate while we continued our workshop. At the end of the day, animal control hadn’t showed up and we didn’t know what to do. When I called Jack to tell him what was going on, he said to bring him home for the night. Ziggy is now a part of the family.

Ziggy is a very happy puppy. Very focused and coordinated and extremely food motivated, he is a joy to train. So far his only downside, is temper tantrums when we try to do his nails, examine his feet or him mouth for what he considers to be too long. He’s doing better, but We still have a way to go on fixing that.

Ziggy got to play at the Nevada City NW1 trial on January 23, 2016. He did a very nice job, no placements, but he did receive a Pronounced on Interior and Vehicles. He has also been training in agility and is coming along nicely.


Nick and I with our ribbons for NW1 title, 2nd in Containers and 1st Place Overall

In the Nick of Time, NW2

March 23, 2010
Border Collie

Nick joined our family when he was a year old. Nick is a happy-go-lucky dog that loves everybody. Nick always wants to be a part of the action. Ready and willing anytime to be my demo dog, he loves to learn new things and meet new people. Anything for a reward!

Nick excels at nose work, earning 1st place overall at his first NW1 trial. We’ve recently started herding where he is a natural. It’s really fun to watch the strong herding instincts at work! It is especially enjoyable with a really biddable dog like Nick. Nick hasn’t done much agility due to a physical issue that limits his jumping.

Nick earned his NW2 title at the Nevada City trial on January 24th. He did a very nice job, but I played it safe and took our time so no placements. Now to get into NW3 trials. With only 28 dogs selected and wait lists around 150 it may take a while…

Catch at Happy Dog, photo by Nancy Latthitham, Gold Coast Photography


ADCH Comebye Catch Me if you Can

November 23, 2005
Border Collie

Catch is an excellent jumper, very responsive and a lot of fun to run!

He is Jack’s jogging partner and enjoys herding when we get the chance. Like a lot of Border Collies, he is high energy and needs exercise and a job.

Tryst on the dogwalk, photo by


ADCH-Bronze APD Comebye and See Me Sometime LAA-Silver TM-Platinum GCH-Gold SCH-Gold RCH-Gold JCH-Silver ADG-Br ATD-Bz PJ3 OA AXJ NF

August 2, 2001–March 1, 2011
Border Collie

Tryst has had a successful career in agility and is still running well at 9. She currently competes in the Performance program classes and recently finished her Lifetime Achievement Award-Silver.

She retired from the Championship program just 2 Standard legs away from her ADCH-Gold, but she is really enjoying the 16″ Performance jumps and has been racking up the legs recently. She is getting close to her LAA-Gold, the biggest challenge will be the 7 standard legs.

Trevor, photo by Tien Tran Photography


Omega’s Whatta Riot AAD JCH RCH AX AXJ

March 19, 1995–June 7, 2002
Flat-Coated Retriever

Trevor joined our household when he was a year old. His sire, CH Omega’s Quiet Riot was the number one conformation Flat-Coated Retriever in the country. His breeder had kept him to compete in conformation shows, but he was too small to be competitive in the show ring. But that was an advantage in the agility ring. Quest, my first Flat-Coated Retriever was a big, heavy Flat-Coat and the 30″ jumps required a lot of effort for him.

Trevor was a very special dog, so very sweet and loving. He enjoyed Agility and was close to earning his MAD at his untimely death of cancer at just 7 years old.