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Chile Pepper, photo by Tien Tran Photographer

Chile Pepper

ADCH TJ’s Red Hot Chile Pepper JCH-Silver SCH-Bronze AX AXJ

1995–May 27, 2008
All American/Australian Shepherd?

Chile Pepper was about 6 months old when we met her. Apache was 10 years old and we were thinking it was time for Jack to start training another dog. Our agility instructor told us about a dog needing a home so we decided to took a look at her. A nice family had rescued her—she was tied in the front yard of a house near where they worked and neighborhood kids teased and harassed her. We decided to take her.

Chile was Jack’s dog and they competed successfully for many years. She was a great Snooker dog, easily earning the often elusive Super-Q’s.

Jack eventually lost interest in agility and I finished running Chile until she retired, finishing her ADCH.

Chile Pepper was very smart and an excellent clicker dog, picking up new things easily and readily offering behaviors.

Quest, photo by Bob Jones


CH Casablanca’s Bold Quest, CDX JH WC AAD AX

September 7, 1989–March 8, 1997
Flat-Coated Retriever

Quest and I competed in many different dog sports. The Flat-Coated Retriever people were very active with their dogs and very welcoming and encouraging to newcomers. They encouraged all-around dogs that could do it all, not separate strains for conformation and field. So we gave Conformation and Field a try. Quest was owner handled to his championship. We competed in Obedience, earning his Companion Dog & Companion Dog Excellent titles. He was partially trained through Utility, but we never ended up competing. We also learned about hunting tests together, earning his Junior Hunter and Working Dog Certificate.

Then I discovered Agility. It was so much fun I couldn’t seem to find time for Obedience anymore and we never got back to finishing his Utility degree.

Quest competed at the first American Kennel Club Agility Nationals in Oklahoma as well as several USDAA Nationals, his first being in San Antonio, Texas.

Quest died suddenly and unexpectedly of cancer at 7. Unfortunately this is not rare in Flat-Coated Retrievers.




Border Collie
1983–December 31, 1996

We found Tasha running away from the fireworks at Disneyland one evening. She was about 1.5 years old. After unsuccessfully trying to find her owners, we decided to keep her.

I took Tasha to Obedience classes, through Open, but never competed with her. She made me reevaluate the training methods I had been taught and really opened my eyes to finding new and better methods.

Jack competed with Tasha in Scent Hurdles and she was very good. Unfortunately, by the time we discovered Agility, Tasha was already retired. She would have enjoyed it in her prime.

Apache, photo by Bill Newcomb


TJ’s Little Apache Chief UD AAD AX

March 17, 1984–December 16, 1998
Cocker Spaniel

A great little dog who shared my journey. We competed in Obedience, earning his Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent and Utility Dog titles. We also competed in Scent Hurdles and participated in Flyball demonstrations.

Once Jack retired Tasha from Scent Hurdles, we felt it was time to find a new activity. That’s when we discovered Agility. By then I had Quest, so Jack trained and competed with Apache. Apache was 9 year old when we started, but he earned his Agility Dog and Advanced Agility Dog titles and was successfully competing at the Masters level before retiring. He competed at several USDAA National events.

I learned a lot about dog training from Apache. There are now much better methods, ones I wished I had known about when we started, but few people knew about them at that time. I attended the first Clicker seminar in Southern California with Apache—I just wish it had been when were were first staring.

Samantha at a match in early 1970's


Argen’s Samantha Jude


She was there at the start. My best friend growing up. Always loyal, protective & my constant companion.

We took a local obedience class through Lakewood Obedience Club when I was 11 years old. We got 2nd place at graduation and that’s when I was hooked.

We participated in a few matches in the area, but this was before the Internet and I didn’t drive so that was limited. It was a long time before I did anything more, but I had been bitten by the bug.