Giving Back-December 2023

In December of 2023 Agile Paws hosted a dog trial at the Masonic Lodge in Ontario CA.  As a way to give back to the community all competitors and volunteers donated food items and cash to the Foothill Family Shelter.


Thanks to the generosity of all we donated over 300 food items and $900 in cash.  It was a wonderful way to help our community.  Thanks to all who participated.

Success During the Pandemic

With the craziness of COVID-19 nose work trials and classes were cancelled.  However, APDS was able to work through the challenge by having on-line classes then small Sniff ‘n’ Go events and then trials in late 2021.  Many of my students were able to continue taking classes and were able to grow their skills. When competitions opened up again many of my students earn several titles. I am so very proud of them. Here just a small list of achievements. You can see more about my students in the “Showcase ” page.

Jana (Far right) earned her NW1 December of 2021
Rhonda (L) earned her NW1 with Allie in 2022
Between 2020-2023 Liza and Joey earned their, NW1, NW2, NW3 titles and are now Elite competitors
Karen and Tilly earned their NW 1 title in May of 2022
Marjorie and Kodi earned 1st place overall in the December 2022 NW3 trial in Ontario, CA
Between 2020-2023 Marion and Gracie earned their, NW1, NW2, NW3 titles and are now Elite competitors
Kris and Q are worked their way to the Summit Level

A Pawsitive Beginning for 2020

January 3, 2020-Dana Point, CA
Kriss and Q competed in an NW3 in Dana Point, CA. They did an outstanding job earning their third NW3 title.  They were fourth overall and are now getting ready to begin competing at Elite Trials. Well done!

January 11, 2020-Bloomington, CA
Several of my students entered the ORT in Bloomington, CA.
Karen & Smokey passed all three odors
Belinda & Sassy passed Birch and Clove
Belinda and her other Clover passed birch
Maria & Veronica all  three odors

Maria, Karen and Belinda

January 11, 2020-Woodland Hills, CA
Luana and Fifi competed in their first NW2 trial.  Although they did not earn a title they were successful 3 out of 4 searches. Well done for their first NW2!

January 12, 2020-Woodland Hills,CA
Two newer teams competed at the Level 1 Exterior Element Trial. Both did great earning their first Element Titles. Congratulations!
Karen & Tilly
Luana & Twist

Karen and Till with EST title Luana and Twist with EST title
January 13, 2020-Riverside,CA
Marjorie and Kodi competed in their first NW 3 on Monday.  While they didn’t earn a title, they had some good searches and a lot a fun.  It was learning experience for them and no doubt they will be successful in their future NW3s.

Congratulations Kriss and Q

Kriss and Q earned their third NW3 title in Dana Point January 3, 2020. They will now be competing at the Elite Level. Awesome Job!

December 27-28, 2019-Orange County Trial

Agile Paws Dog Sports hosted an Elite and EST Trials at the Covenant Church in Orange, CA. Congratulations to Jessica & Tivoli who earned their L1E title and Marjorie & Milo who earned their L1I title.

Dog in White for the EST trials: Luana & Fifi for Interiors and Marion & Gracie for Exteriors

    Jessica and Tivoli with EST Title     

Miss Fifi -Dog in White

December 16, 2019-APDS Christmas Party

APDS had its annual Christmas Party.  Many thanks for Laura and Marjorie for hosting the fantastic event. It was great way to celebrate with my students.

December 1, 2019- Jennie Kiefer Workshop

Jennie Kiefer presented an 8 hour workshop for APDS. She provided helpful tips to all participants and extra support for less experienced handlers. We focused on letting dogs make the choices of where to search and to provide them space to move freely in an environment. She also discussed not being afraid of grass and letting our dogs move out of the search area as they follow the odor. She provided specific feedback to each participant which was invaluable.

Successful November 2019 For APDS Students

November 3, 2019-Fillmore, CA
Luana & Fifi competed in the L2C in Fillmore. While they did not earn a title they had a lot of fun.

November 16-17, 2019-Little Rock, CA

Laura & Riley, Jennifer & Buddy and Marjorie & Milo earned their title while Kris & Q, Luana & Fifi, Jessica & Tivoli earned a leg and Karen & Tilly did great getting 2 out of 4 searches.

Tammy & Ziggy earned their title while Majorie & Kodi earned a leg.

Jennifer & Buddy, Marjorie & Kodi and Jessica & Tivoli all earned their titles.

November 29-30, 2019-Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dena & Rev competed in the NW2. While they didn’t earn a title they had some great searches and had a lot of fun.

We had seven students competing in the NW1:
David & Charlie          Karen & Tilly
Jennifer & Buddy        Marjorie & Milo
Maria & Veronica       Jessica & Tivoli
Marion & Gracie
Congratulations to Jessica & Tivoli and Marion & Gracie who earned their NW1 titles.  Now on to NW2!




October 26-27, 2019-Apple Valley NW1 & NW2

APDS students participated in the Apple Valley NW1 and NW3 nose work trials.
Karen & Tilly and Marjorie & Milo did well at the trial. They didn’t earn their title but had a great time. Lonna & Riot, and Rhonda & Kiva both earned their NW1 Title. Rhonda & Kiva were 6th overall.  Lonna & Riot were third overall and earned 2nd place in interiors. Congratulations to all of them!

Fifi and Luana:
After 5 attempts, Luana & Fifi finally earned their NW1 title. They did an excellent job and their teamwork was so good that they won the Harry Award.

Marjorie & Kodi entered their first NW3. They did really well getting three out of 4 elements correct.

Kris & Q earned their second NW3 title. One more NW3 and they will move on to trialling at the Elite level.

Fif and Luana with the Harry Award

April 6, 2019- Mock Trial

On April 6, 2019, APDS held a Mock Trial in Corona, CA.  Thanks to Barbara Davis at BADDOGS! who opened her agency to us for our event.  Our Mock Trial had all levels of dogs (Intro to Elite) running searches as well as all dog sizes from little Chihuahuas to Great Danes. It was wonderful to observe all the dogs and learn more about behavior and handling. We had group lunch and celebrated one of our APDS student’s birthday.