Labor Day Agile Paws Dog Sports Practice

APDS Labor Day Practice

Agile Paws Dog Sports put on a practice on Labor Day for students and friends of Agile Paws. Luana found a neat little church for us and it was great to work in a new location. We did several Interior searches and played several fun games. We finished up with Jessica setting an Elite search for the more advanced dogs in the chapel—what fun! Everyone had a good time. It was also educational for everyone, especially the handlers that joined us from the Intro to Odor class.

We had several people interested in learning more about nose work come out and watch. They all enjoyed themselves and found it fascinating to watch the dogs and handlers work the hides. Maybe we will see them in classes or at trials in the future.

Garden Grove Element Specially Trial

APDS at the Garden Grove L1I

Agile Paws was very well represented at the Garden Grove EST’s. Competing in Level 1 Containers on Saturday morning were: Luana & Fifi, Marjorie & Kodi and Rick & Marley. Fifi and Marley both earned a leg.

Competing in the afternoon for the Level 2 Containers we had Peg & Mac, Carol & Frisco, Kriss & Q and Tammy & Nick. Third time was a charm for Nick who finally earned his title with a 1st place.

Agile Paws students had more success on day two for the Interior ESTs. In the morning for Level 1, Marjorie & Kodi and Rick & Marley were back along with Luana who was running Frankie. They were joined by Laura & Riley and Marsha & Rusty. Frankie got a leg and Kodi, Marley, Riley and Rusty all titled!

Tammy & Ziggy were the only ones representing Agile Paws Dog Sports at the Level 2 Interiors in the afternoon. Ziggy did well and earned his L2I title.

Congratulations to all the Agile Paws teams!

APDS May 2018 Trial

Agile Paws Volunteers

In May, despite the heat, we hosted another very successful trial and have received many compliments. Our reputation for hosting great trials is growing.. Great work everyone and many thanks! .

For the first time, Agile Paws Dog Sports students competed in an Agile Paws trial. We were well represented with several teams competing in the Element Specialty Trials with great success. The following Agile Paws teams earned their titles. On to Level 2!

Level 1 Containers Titles

  • Carol & Frisco
  • Kriss & Q
  • Peg & Mac

Level 1 Interiors

  • Linda & Abby

The icing on the cake was Mac’s 2nd place finish overall! Way to go Team Agile Paws!!!