Buddy, NW1

Name: Buddy

Handler: Jennifer Baerresen

Titles: L1V, L1C, NW1

Buddy was a rescue from our local shelter. Always a quiet and shy little guy, finding the right sport for him was challenging. This sight hound wasn’t interested in luring and agility was a little scary.  Nosework has helped Buddy become more independent and he loves the game.  Buddy and Jennifer earned their L1C and L1V titles in November of 2019. They earned their NW1 level in Tuscon in January 2020.


photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Smokey

Handler: Karen Zakowicz

Titles: ORT

Smokey is miracle dog. She survived several surgeries and a stroke in late 2019.  From not being able to walk or see, Smokey is now walking tall and is eager to do nose work.  Age 11, Smokey just passed her first ORT in January 2020.  She will now be competing at the NW1 level.


photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Tilly

Handler: Karen Zakowicz

Titles: ORT, L1E

Tilly is a rescue who is 11 years old.  Tilly began nose work at age 10.  She is a sweet girl who is beginning to gain confidence in her searches. Tilly has worked hard overcoming her fear of new areas.  In January 2020, she earned her first EST title for exteriors.  She is currently working at the NW1 level.

Rusty, NW1

  photo by Maria Bivens                                 Name: Rusty

Handler: Marsha Reed

Titles: NW1, Harry Award, L1C, L1I, L2I

Rusty was rescued by Marsha when he was four years old. He loves camping, hiking and cuddles.  He always needs a blanket to keep warm or he will keep you up at night. He is currently competing at the NW2 level.

Highlights:  Harry Award

Marley, NW1


Marley photo by Maria

Marley, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Marley
Handler: Rick Subriar
Titles Earned: NW1, L1C

Marley, therapy dog, is a sweet and loving girl, who prefers to be rewarded with hugs and praise over treats…though she will always take the treat. She is a happy go lucky dog that brings smiles where ever she goes.  Marley earned her NW1  and L1C in 2018. Currently Marley is working on her NW2 title.  In April she competed in a NW2 trial and although she didn’t title, she and Rick earned a third place ribbon for the third fastest interior time.  Way to go!!!


Frankie, photo by Maria
Frankie, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Frankie
Handler: Luana Ball
Titles Earned: L1I

Frankie earned his L1I at the March 2019 Agile Paws Dog Sports EST trials and is competing at the NW1 level. Frankie has now retired from competition at the age of 14 but he continues to take classes.

Fifi, NW1

Fifi, photo by Maria
Fifi, , photo by Maria Bivens













Name: Fifi
Handler: Luana Ball
Titles Earned: L1C, L1E, NW1 and Harry Award

Fifi, or “Miss Fifi” as she prefers to be called, earned her NW1 at the end 2019 and also earned the Harry Award.   Fifi was a stray that was dropped off at Luana’s vet office. Even though she has a damaged leg due to past abuse, she is always happy and eager to search. She is competing at the NW2 level. Fifi is a super sniffer!

Highlights: NW1, Harry Award, Dog In White

Gracie, NW1

Gracie photo by Maria
Gracie, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Gracie
Handler: Marion Preest
Titles Earned: L1C, L1I, NW1

Gracie is an energetic girl who loves to search. She is a leaner and a lover. She is a number 1 bed hogger and a real snuggler. Gracie earned her L1C & L1I at the March 2019 Agile Paws Dog Sports EST trials and her NW1 in November 2019.  She was the Dog In White for Orange Element trial. She is competing at the NW2 level.

Highlights: NW1, Dog in White-EST-2019

Brooklyn, NW1

Brooklyn photo by Maria
Brooklyn, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Brooklyn
Handler: Jessica Vallely
Titles Earned: NW1, L1I

Brooklyn, aka, “Wild Child”, was a rescue from Arizona. She is a labrador-shepherd-border collie mix with no off-button. Always joyful, she loves to give kisses to spectators and judges while she is trialing. In class, she loves on all handlers and occasionally will steal bait bags as she smothers you with kisses. Brooklyn earned her NW1 in Murrieta, CA March 2019. She  also earned her L1I at the March 2019 Agile Paws Dog Sports EST trials. She is competing at the NW2 level.


  • She is currently learning to become a demo dog for our community events.

Lucy, NW1

Lucy photo by Maria
Lucy, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Lucy
Handler: Melissa Coleman
Titles Earned: NW1, L1E

Sweet Lucy is a rescue.  After rehabing from extensive knee surgery, Lucy bounced back quickly into searching. Lucy got into the Agile Paws Dog Sports April 2019 trial at the last minute…literally 1/2 hour before the trial began and earned her NW1. What a rock star! On to NW2!