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Successful Whittier ORT

Daisy showing her alertAgile Paws Dog Sports had two representatives at the Odor Recognition Test in Whittier on October 18th. Daisy, Jessica Vallely’s 12 year-old Rat Terrier mix and my terrier mix, Ziggy. They both were tested on all three odors: birch, anise and clove.

Daisy passed anise and clove easily, but indicated the wrong box for birch. Maybe a little nerves in a new environment? Ziggy passed all three, but oddly would never show any interest in any of the warm up boxes.

Daisy is a Rat Terrier mix. Survivor of abuse, she was rescued and worked with abused children for five years. Feeling the need for a change, Daisy left to pursue her own interests in agility at the age of 10 and started Nose Work at 11.

Ziggy was found hanging out at a Nose Work workshop when we was only about 10 weeks old. He observed all day from the other side of the chainlink fence, but then decided he had had enough of just watching and found his way inside so he could join in on the fun. Unable to find his owners, he has joined the Wilson household.

Daisy’s Debut

Daisy at her first agility trialJessica Vallely and her dog Daisy had their debut at DASH’s UKI trial on Saturday, March 7th. They entered the snooker and jumpers classes. Jessica planned a nice course for Daisy in snooker and they had a really nice run.

They both enjoyed it and had some nice runs. It was a long day and Jessica said Daisy slept all day on Sunday.

DrivenDogs Agility Trial a Success!

Abbie taking a jump

Abbie and Catch competed at the DrivenDogs USDAA Agility trial on October 12th & 13th.

Abbie & Pam Johnson did really well in their runs, just a few minor bobbles keeping them from qualifying in several runs. But they nailed Performance I Standard for a Q and 1st place on Saturday. Then they followed that up with a really great run in Performance II Snooker for a Q and another 1st place on Sunday.

Great Job Abbie!

Abbie jumping tire

Abbie Cadabra

Pam Johnson and her awesome little red border collie, Abbie, have been trialing in USDAA and CPE. They competed last Saturday at the DASH CPE trial in Orange County. They had another great show, racking up ribbons and qualifying in 4 out of 5 runs.


  • 1st place and a Q in Jackpot
  • 2nd place and a Q in Fullhouse
  • 2nd place and a Q in Jumpers
  • 2nd place and a Q in Wildcat

To top off the day, Pam came home to find Abbie’s USDAA Starters Jumpers Title Certificate. Not too shabby!