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Draw Results Progress Update #3

The wait list emails that needed to be resent for the L1C have been sent.

The remaining L1C wait list emails, as well as all of the L1I and NW3 wait list emails should be sent out by end of day tomorrow, Monday, November 30, 2015.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to respond to everyone’s requests for status updates. Chances are very good that if you haven’t received an email yet, you are on the wait list. I have just under 400 wait list emails pending. Have patience and check your spam folder if you are concerned. If you haven’t received your email by Monday evening, that is when it would be appropriate to contact me.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Your Trial Host

Draw Results Progress Update #2

At this time, emails have been sent out to all competitors that made the draw for all tests: L1C, L1I and NW3.

All three wait lists have been updated.

Wait list emails have begin to be sent, starting with the L1C wait list. Unfortunately there was a glitch with some of these emails and they need to be resent. Most of those have been processed and resent, however a few may not be processed for another 24 hours. After that, processing will resume for the remaining wait list emails.

Your patience is appreciated!

Your Trial Host

Draw Results Progress Update #1

The Draws for the Pomona trials have been completed and I have started to process emails. They will go out in batches, so check back here to see the status and confirm all emails have been sent for the trial in question, then check your spam folder before contacting me.

At this time emails have been sent for the dogs that made the draw for Level 1 Container‘s as well as some of the Level 1 Interiors.

All wait list emails will begin to be sent after all the competitors for all the trials that were selected in the draw have been notified.

The Wait Lists will be updated shortly. If you saved the wait list link as suggested when you entered (it was on the thank you page displayed after you completed your entry), you will be able to check it soon. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, I am unable to publicly publish those links.

Thank you for your patience!

Your Trial Host


Marcella Winslow’s NW1 Photos

All of Marcella Winslow’s photo’s have now been published to her website for the October 10 and 11th Ontario trial.