Nick and I with our ribbons for NW1 title, 2nd in Containers and 1st Place Overall

In the Nick of Time, NW2

March 23, 2010
Border Collie

Nick joined our family when he was a year old. Nick is a happy-go-lucky dog that loves everybody. Nick always wants to be a part of the action. Ready and willing anytime to be my demo dog, he loves to learn new things and meet new people. Anything for a reward!

Nick excels at nose work, earning 1st place overall at his first NW1 trial. We’ve recently started herding where he is a natural. It’s really fun to watch the strong herding instincts at work! It is especially enjoyable with a really biddable dog like Nick. Nick hasn’t done much agility due to a physical issue that limits his jumping.

Nick earned his NW2 title at the Nevada City trial on January 24th. He did a very nice job, but I played it safe and took our time so no placements. Now to get into NW3 trials. With only 28 dogs selected and wait lists around 150 it may take a while…