Trevor, photo by Tien Tran Photography


Omega’s Whatta Riot AAD JCH RCH AX AXJ

March 19, 1995–June 7, 2002
Flat-Coated Retriever

Trevor joined our household when he was a year old. His sire, CH Omega’s Quiet Riot was the number one conformation Flat-Coated Retriever in the country. His breeder had kept him to compete in conformation shows, but he was too small to be competitive in the show ring. But that was an advantage in the agility ring. Quest, my first Flat-Coated Retriever was a big, heavy Flat-Coat and the 30″ jumps required a lot of effort for him.

Trevor was a very special dog, so very sweet and loving. He enjoyed Agility and was close to earning his MAD at his untimely death of cancer at just 7 years old.