Tryst on the dogwalk, photo by


ADCH-Bronze APD Comebye and See Me Sometime LAA-Silver TM-Platinum GCH-Gold SCH-Gold RCH-Gold JCH-Silver ADG-Br ATD-Bz PJ3 OA AXJ NF

August 2, 2001–March 1, 2011
Border Collie

Tryst has had a successful career in agility and is still running well at 9. She currently competes in the Performance program classes and recently finished her Lifetime Achievement Award-Silver.

She retired from the Championship program just 2 Standard legs away from her ADCH-Gold, but she is really enjoying the 16″ Performance jumps and has been racking up the legs recently. She is getting close to her LAA-Gold, the biggest challenge will be the 7 standard legs.