Parking Lot Crew

January 23-24, 2022

Here are all the links you should need to run the parking lot. These links should be on the homepage of the APDS iPad.

  • Before starting make sure the host has set up for the search.
  • Help competitors with self check-in.
  • Queue up the first 3 teams using the Start the Search link.
  • Move teams if needed (i.e. bitch in season). Do this from Safari.
  • Use either Flip A or Flip B to advance through the run order.
  • Use the Running Order links to verify status, etc.

Note: For all forms, only select one team. Do not submit forms with more than one team selected.

Self Check-in
Check-in Status
Start the Search
Flip A
Flip B
Move a Team
Flip A All Teams Running Order
Flip B All Teams Running Order