A Pawsitive Beginning for 2020

January 3, 2020-Dana Point, CA
Kriss and Q competed in an NW3 in Dana Point, CA. They did an outstanding job earning their third NW3 title.  They were fourth overall and are now getting ready to begin competing at Elite Trials. Well done!

January 11, 2020-Bloomington, CA
Several of my students entered the ORT in Bloomington, CA.
Karen & Smokey passed all three odors
Belinda & Sassy passed Birch and Clove
Belinda and her other Clover passed birch
Maria & Veronica all  three odors

Maria, Karen and Belinda

January 11, 2020-Woodland Hills, CA
Luana and Fifi competed in their first NW2 trial.  Although they did not earn a title they were successful 3 out of 4 searches. Well done for their first NW2!

January 12, 2020-Woodland Hills,CA
Two newer teams competed at the Level 1 Exterior Element Trial. Both did great earning their first Element Titles. Congratulations!
Karen & Tilly
Luana & Twist

Karen and Till with EST title Luana and Twist with EST title
January 13, 2020-Riverside,CA
Marjorie and Kodi competed in their first NW 3 on Monday.  While they didn’t earn a title, they had some good searches and a lot a fun.  It was learning experience for them and no doubt they will be successful in their future NW3s.