Garden Grove Element Specially Trial

Agile Paws was very well represented at the Garden Grove EST’s. Competing in Level 1 Containers on Saturday morning were: Luana & Fifi, Marjorie & Kodi and Rick & Marley. Fifi and Marley both earned a leg.

Competing in the afternoon for the Level 2 Containers we had Peg & Mac, Carol & Frisco, Kriss & Q and Tammy & Nick. Third time was a charm for Nick who finally earned his title with a 1st place.

Agile Paws students had more success on day two for the Interior ESTs. In the morning for Level 1, Marjorie & Kodi and Rick & Marley were back along with Luana who was running Frankie. They were joined by Laura & Riley and Marsha & Rusty. Frankie got a leg and Kodi, Marley, Riley and Rusty all titled!

Tammy & Ziggy were the only ones representing Agile Paws Dog Sports at the Level 2 Interiors in the afternoon. Ziggy did well and earned his L2I title.

Congratulations to all the Agile Paws teams!