October 26-27, 2019-Apple Valley NW1 & NW2

APDS students participated in the Apple Valley NW1 and NW3 nose work trials.
Karen & Tilly and Marjorie & Milo did well at the trial. They didn’t earn their title but had a great time. Lonna & Riot, and Rhonda & Kiva both earned their NW1 Title. Rhonda & Kiva were 6th overall.  Lonna & Riot were third overall and earned 2nd place in interiors. Congratulations to all of them!

Fifi and Luana:
After 5 attempts, Luana & Fifi finally earned their NW1 title. They did an excellent job and their teamwork was so good that they won the Harry Award.

Marjorie & Kodi entered their first NW3. They did really well getting three out of 4 elements correct.

Kris & Q earned their second NW3 title. One more NW3 and they will move on to trialling at the Elite level.

Fif and Luana with the Harry Award