Gracie, Elite 2

Gracie photo by Maria
Gracie, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Gracie
Handler: Marion Preest
Titles: L1C, L1I, NW1, NW2, NW3, Elite, Elite 2

Gracie is an energetic girl who loves to search. She is a leaner and a lover. She is a number 1 bed hogger and a real snuggler. Gracie earned her L1C & L1I at the March 2019 Agile Paws Dog Sports EST trials and her NW1 in November 2019.  She was the Dog In White for Orange Element trial. During the pandemic, Marion and Gracie earned their NW2, their three, NW3 titles and is now competing at the Elite Level.  In February 2023, they earned a first place ribbon in one of the searches at the Benson, AZ Elite Trial. On January 7, 2024 Marion and Gracie earned their Elite 2 title and also came in 1st place in one of the elite searches.  Well down team!. Marion and Gracie will also be Dog In White for the January 14, 2024 Elite S trial at Yanks Air Museum.

Highlights: NW1, NW2, NW3 , Elite, Elite 2