Kodi, Elite

Portrait of Kodi
Kodi, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Kodi
Handler: Marjorie Rodriguez
Titles Earned: NW1, NW2,

NW3, L1I, L2I, L1V,Elite

Kodi was a rescue that Marjorie really wanted.  So much so, she spent the night at the shelter to be the first person that day to get Kodi. Initially shy and environmentally wary, Kodi has blossomed into a very focused Nose work dog. Kodi earned his NW1 with a 2nd Place in Containers and the Harry Award. They earned their NW2 at the April 2019 Agile Paws Dog Sports trial. Since 2020 Marjorie and Kodi have competing at the NW3 level. In December 2022 they received their second NW3 title coming in first overall and earning the tin with the day’s hides in it.  Well done.  In 2023 Marjorie and Kodi earned their third NW3 title and are now competing at the Elite level.  What an awesome team!


  • Harry Award Winner
  • Dog in White for the APDS February NW 2 trial
  • First Place Overall in the December 2022 trial in Ontario, CA
  • Noe competing in the Elite Level