Maria and Jax

Tammy is patient with us and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere

Jennifer with Buddy and Pip

APDS is one big family. The love the support! I also love volunteering! I learn something new every time.  Jessica takes excellent care of us!

Luana and Fifi

I love all the parts of volunteering. By watching the other dogs, you learn so much.  With Tammy’s help, I have learned to work with Fifi and her damaged leg.

Luana and Twist

Twist is way faster than Fifi so Tammy is teaching me how to work with a fast dog.  I love being part of the APDS family. You learn so much by volunteering.

Rhonda and Kiva

I am glad I found out about nosework. Great training from Tammy. I enjoy all the opportunities for searching in various locations.

Marsha and Rusty

Agile Paws Dogs Sports  is a great way to bond with your dog and with people who enjoy the same sport.

John and Griff

The ORT yesterday was amazing. Everyone was super helpful, nice, and all-round fantastic. I liked the numbering system on the cars and the stand, and the free coffee and candies. There were a lot of nice touches. The entire event ran like clockwork.

Many thanks