Thank you for hosting an awesome trial in Rancho Cucamonga. It was a pleasure being your trial coordinator. I had a blast volunteering on Friday…loved seeing everyone, food was fabulous (as usual), Jessica did a fantastic job as VC, and I got to see searches and learned a ton from both dogs and handlers!!!


Thank you for a great trial!

Patty & Daisy

Daisy and I had a incredible time. We loved the venue and the “chocolate truck”!

Thanks for everything…it looked like it went pretty smoothly from where we sat. Great Job!!!!!

Petra & Merlin

I wanted to thank you for a super well-run trial last Saturday! I especially appreciate how everyone looked out so well for Merlin, by creating extra space for him, clearing the path to the staging areas, etc. It is truly appreciated!


All the memories of magical moments when handler and K9 are having the best day ever or even when they are having an off day but are still having fun!! It is always something different and I can guarantee it will be fun. Come out and volunteer!!!


Give what you can…if you can only help in the morning of a trial, fantastic; only the afternoon, fabulous; all day…wow!! It always feels good when your efforts are appreciated and APDS truly appreciates all time that is given by their volunteers. They are generous to competitors and volunteers alike. Some of my best memories are of friends who have titled when I have volunteered.


Remember that friendly face that greeted you at the last trial you were at…You could be that face!!! We know how difficult it can be to get into a NACSW trial, but you can always volunteer at a NACSW trial. It is awesome! What a way to give back to the sport we love. And volunteering can be like a full day seminar when watching and helping the competitors through their trial day.


I want you to know how much I enjoy volunteering at the trials. I have leaned a lot about nose work techniques AND most important, how odor travels in different situations. Having the opportunity to watch lots of dogs and how they react is something I can only experience by working a trial! I truly feel this has helped me work closer with my dog! I wish I could get the word out to people to VOLUNTEER! What better way to learn and make a lot of wonderful friends!!!


I started volunteering at trials as soon as I decided to do nose work. I did it so I could see what the sport is all about. BUT—I learned how a trial is run (so I was not nervous at my first trial). I got to talk with other volunteers, judges and CO’s—it’s an amazing way to learn. I made friends—so I always know someone at a trial. And it is fun to trial with friends! Not only is it rewarding, but it’s free training!

N. Mueller

When it comes to volunteer care, APDS trials are the gold standard. They rotate the prime volunteer jobs among as many people as possible to maximize the opportunity to see the teams search. Volunteers enjoy a light breakfast and are provided an ample lunch with dishes catering to many different diets with homemade desserts. A snack wagon makes the rounds to afternoon workers. Volunteers get entered into a raffle. But most importantly, her trials are well-run events where everybody has fun.