CNWI LogoAgile Paws Dog Sports has something to offer you and your dog!  First and foremost, Agile Paws Dog Sports offers nose work classes taught by an official NACSW™ Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI).

  • Not sure where to start? Agile Paws Dog Sports has a class for you:
    • Intro to K9 Nose Work® class.
    • Intro to Odor Class
    • The Elements Class
    • Continuing Odor Class
    • Prep Classes
  •  Continuing Odor classes or Prep Classes focus on building skills, observational strategies and environmental sensitivities.  On a regular basis, classes or field trips are held  in different locations in the greater Rancho Cucamonga and Upland areas.

Intro to K9 Nose Work®

In Intro to K9 Nose Work®, we work on building your dog’s hunt drive, confidence and independence. A happy, confident hunter is the foundation of nose work. This is where we really give the dogs permission to use their nose and start to build a strong base. In this course we evaluate the dogs environmental sensitivity (noises, crowds etc) and create and practice plans to work through those sensitivities.  

One of the philosophies of K9 Nose Work® is to allow dog reactive dogs an opportunity to play. Additionally, dogs need to feel safe before they are willing to hunt. Class is not doggy social hour. There are no dog to dog interactions and only one dog is out working at a time. When not working, dogs are to be crated (there is shade in the backyard) or kept in your comfortable, secure vehicle between their runs. Searching  in Containers and in Interiors is introduced.

Dogs will be on primary (usually food, occasionally a toy) for this class. This is a 5-week session.

Intro to Odor

Intro to Odor as the name describes, introduces the dogs to their first odor, Birch. This class is for the dogs that have successfully completed the Intro to Nose Work class. The handlers will become more involved  in the searches, while still honing their observational skills. We will continue to search  in Containers  and Interiors, but with the addition of odor. By the end of the session, teams are introduced to all three odors (Birch, Anise & Clove).  This is a 5-week session.

The Elements

This class focuses on all four nose work trial Elements. We will discuss the 4 Elements in NACSW™ Nose Work trials add the new Element of Vehicles and expand on Exteriors in distracting environments. Handler and dog teams will also begin to focus on handling and patterns. This is a 5-week session that may follow either Intro to Nose Work or Intro to Odor.

Continuing Odor

Dogs that have completed  Intro to Odor and The Elements courses,  are on all three odors or have instructor approval, may join Continuing Odor. The best part of the Continuing Odor classes is that we meet in various locations. These “field trips” work on skill building, environmental challenges, patterning, etc. These classes are drop-in and signups are posted monthly.

Prep Classes:

Containers/ORT: These classes will focus on Container searches and preparing for an ORT. These classes are ideal for dogs that have recently completed their Intro to Odor class as well as those wanting additional Container work. Dogs at all levels are welcome.

NW1/NW2 Prep: These classes are ideal for dogs that have recently completed their Intro to Odor class, up to teams competing at NW2 level. The focus will be on foundation and pairing will be encouraged.

NW3: This new class is geared for teams competing at the NW3 level. NW1/NW2 teams may sign up for this class, but be prepared for multiple hides.

NW3/Elite: This class is for teams competing at the NW3 and Elite levels . This class will have multiple hides and more challenging hide placements.  If there are openings on the day of class, NW2 teams may sign up with instructor approval.

Practices and Mock Trials

Agile Paws Dog Sports occasionally organizes group practices and Mock Trials. Due to their popularity, these are generally limited to current Agile Paws Dog Sports students. Information about upcoming Mock Trials are sent via email.