Mac detailing the vehicle
Mac, photo by Maria Bivens

Name: Mac
Handler: Peg Winchell
Titles Earned: L1E, L1C

Mac aka, “Box Crusher” was Peg’s first Nosework dog. Mac loved the game so much, that he would become so overjoyed that he would toss, spread and mash boxes in the container searches.  He would move every box out of the way and completely smash the odor box as if to say, “Here it is, Mom!”.   He was a joy at all the demos especially at the schools.  Mac came with a warning label, “He will kiss you.”

While Mac was unsuccessful in earning in NW1, he always took a home ribbons for fastest times in interior and exteriors searches.  Mac earned his LIE and his LIC in 2018 before his unexpected death November 2018.  No other dog will crush boxes the way he did!


  • Second of Tammy’s students to begin competing
  • One of the first demo dogs that worked with the community